Making sense of the ever-changing digital advertising landscape


While the term digital advertising is loosely used as a catch-all phrase, it actually represents several unique and often times disparate products, services and solutions built on different technology platforms that together become the digital media mix that must be effectively coordinated, integrated and managed to effectively yield positive results.

Despite the fact that Google and Facebook currently rule the roost, neither they nor ANY media, technology or data company have ALL of the answers and there is no one size fits all approach to creating successful digital advertising campaigns.

Rather, each campaign is based on your custom criteria (TBD), which should be a part of not apart from your overall marketing communications media strategy. Too often, media silos are formed within agencies, companies and organizations resulting in woeful inefficiencies due to lack of clear direction, communication, coordination, mutually agreed upon needs, goals, metrics, tactics and often times self-interest. 

While our primary role is to help shape and manage your organization’s digital strategy and execution, doing so should be done in concert with the other members of your sales, marketing and communications teams.

Once your campaign is live, we don’t just set it and forget it but rather continually track, revise, optimize and proactively manage your campaign’s real-time results versus the stated goals, performance metrics and ROI.

We Offer The Full Gamut Of Digital Products, Services and Solutions across Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile

→ Video / pre-roll video

→ Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat

→ Standard Display / In-banner video

→ Geo-fencing

→ Native Content: writing, placing & managing

→ IP + Cookie Targeting

→ Print, web and Video Production