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Streaming audio opened the door to a personalized media revolution, where consumers now expect to get what they want, when they want it, on all of their connected devices. 

As people devote more attention to smartphones, streaming audio usage is projected to grow 15% annually from its current 3.4 hours per week to 5.8 hours per week in 2020.

As the #1 Streaming Audio platform with over 84 million users, Pandora collects over a billion listener-data-points every day through millions of their persistently logged-in listeners, allowing us to help campaigns and organizations find just the right audience in their premium, personalized environment.

That is why our attention-winning solutions resonate and effectively engage audiences no matter what your marketing objective may be: campaign and issue engagement rates, lift in brand metrics, in-store traffic or more.

Streaming will surely benefit from increased usage in connected cars and connected home devices in the coming years. This media revolution is undoubtedly led by Young Adults, aged 18-24, who grew up using mobile devices and personalized media.

Thanks to a growing audience and an ability to execute and account for precise campaigns, advertisers are expected to increase their media spend on streaming by 19% YOY in 2017, and 17% annually through 2020